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A Pint with Jesse Hirsh

Posted in Uncategorized by Bennett Klein on April 23, 2010


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  1. Anna said, on April 25, 2010 at 3:48 am

    That dragon underwent a transformation since I first saw it yesterday.

    An individual such as my friend Wryn who “insists” that dragons are real and draws them now and again, would have recognized that scriggle dragon that you had in the cartoon until you changed it She would not have needed the details to recognize a dragon. She sees them everywhere.

    The first time I met her, she insisted that there was a dragon sitting on top of Tim Horton’s as we spoke.

    Naturally I started to move to the door, not because I was afraid of the dragon, but because I was afraid of Wryn. To me anyone who talked about dragons was as suspect as anyone who watches Vampire Movies.

    But over time, this friend has proved to be one of the most practical, pragmatic people I have ever met, along with amazing on artistic levels. So if she says she sees dragons, who am I to argue. Having said that she would want to remind everyone that there are many dragons who are protectors and carriers of knowledge.

    Now after looking closer at this cartoon, and realizing that you are speaking about the iinsidious and overwhelming power of surveillance I see why you allowed that cyber dragonof yesterday to undergo a metamorphoses.

    Having said this – did I imagine that there was one version of a dragon in this cartoon yesterday and now there is another?

    • Bennett Klein said, on April 26, 2010 at 10:59 am

      You are correct Anna! The dragon did undergo a transformation! I needed it to be ‘bigger’ to contrast with the little app that Jesse focuses on in the last frame.

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