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Brahm’s Moonlit Stroll

Posted in Uncategorized by Bennett Klein on May 11, 2010

Brahm is a journalist and documentary film maker, who travels the world in search of the unending list of things that fascinate him.


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  1. Anna said, on May 12, 2010 at 5:44 am

    Scene Two: John and Anna on a road trip through Alaska. Night falls and they stop their car at a campsite, preparing to rest for the night. Just as they begin to fall asleep a terrible machine, manned by two hunters, begins to transverse the waters, searching for moose. It reminds them of the swamps in Florida and the people who go alligator hunting during the night.

    Scene Three: John and Anna decide to get back in their car and find a place that seems safer, a place free of the threat of gunfire. They park their car besides a homey looking camper. No sooner are they out of their car, then a man in an army suit appears, pointing a shot gun at them, ready to fire. Anna decides that the best action to take, in the face of potential insanity, is to walk straight up to the guy, as if totally naive and say – would you say it is safe to camp here.”

    The strategy of “blissful innocence” works. The man looks puzzled and shifts the gun to a less menacing stance. He then points to the woods, and says – “it is safe here I suppose, except for the grizzlies. He looks in the direction of the camper. “If a bear appears, call for help. My two sons and I will be here all night.”

    Inside the vehicle, where they intend to sleep that night, Anna gives up the calm demeanour, and expresses a message to John of the nature of “You idiot – twice tonight you have led us to a situation where we could have been killed. This is the worst – the guy pointed his gun straight at us. How can you expect me to sleep here.”

    John the Protector is already asleep.

    • Bennett Klein said, on May 13, 2010 at 8:55 pm

      lol, that’s brilliant. I can work with this, just need a few shots of you and John…

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